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more than a recorder

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From acoustic to the infinite world of digital sounds with a single touch. Experience the RE.CORDER revolution. Play it on the road, learn music, practice with headphones, and join friends for online sessions with your mobile device. RE.CORDER is so much more than a recorder.

RE.CORDER is a new version of the classic soprano recorder. With its integrated wireless connectivity, digital sensor platform and interactive app, RE.CORDER takes the recorder into the future by giving you access to a world of previously unthinkable sounds and features.

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A series of touch-sensitive digital sensors detects the position of the player’s fingers and a pressure sensor detects the force of the breath that generates the sound, thus opening the instrument to the infinite possibilities provided by its innovative digital platform.


You can connect RE.CORDER to an external device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a Windows or Mac computer, thus obtaining real-time communication of its complete musical data, its status, the notes played, the force of the pressure and the data of the accelerometer. You can also connect it to any app compatible with the MIDI protocol: from the educational ones to the more complex ones of music creation and production such as DAW (digital audio workstation), sound libraries, loopers, and other MIDI instruments.


RE.CORDER is an instrument with a compact, modern and elegant design.

It is light, ergonomic and complete with the functions of the corresponding traditional wind instrument. But when you activate its internal electronics, it expresses all the revolutionary potential.

Sound Versatility

RE.CORDER App allows you to play the various timbres in its sound bank, use different fingerings and create your own, transpose octaves, apply effects, and more. Furthermore, being a real MIDI controller, RE.CORDER is able to reproduce the timbre of any third-party sound library instrument: from trumpet to clarinet; from the French horn to a full violin quartet, as well as percussion instruments and synthesizers.


RE.CORDER is as small as a normal recorder, weighs only 120g, does not need long cables and you can play it with headphones (simply by connecting the headphone input to the device on which the app is installed). This way you can dedicate yourself to playing your music where and when you want without worrying about disturbing anyone!

Educational Potential

RE.CORDER has extraordinary educational potential. Thanks to the fun and interactive study method present in the RE.CORDER app, it offers the possibility of creating a complete orchestra in the classroom, practicing with a partner or in ‘silence’ (with or without score) and being played in special modes that allow use even for those with mild disabilities (lip presence sensor instead of pressure, keyboard mode without breath, fingerings)