more than a recorder

What is it?

The ARTinoise RE.CORDER is a brand-new take on the
classic soprano recorder. With its built-in wireless
connectivity, digital sensor platform, and interactive app, it takes the traditional recorder into the future providing access to a world of previously unimagined sounds and expressive functionalities.

From acoustic to the infinite world of digital sounds with a single touch. Experience the RE.CORDER revolution!
Play it on the road, learn music, practice with headphones, and join friends for online sessions with your mobile device. RE.CORDER is so much more than a recorder!

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A series of touch-sensitive digital sensors detect the position of the player’s fingers, a pressure sensor detects the force of the breath and a 3-axis 3D accelerometer detects the position of the instrument in space,  thus opening the instrument to the infinite possibilities provided by its innovative digital platform.


With its dedicated App you can connect RE.CORDER to an external device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a Windows or Mac computer, thus obtaining real-time communication of its complete musical data, its status, the notes played, the force of the pressure and the data of the accelerometer.

You can also connect your RE.CORDER to any app compatible with the MIDI protocol: from the educational ones to the more complex ones of music creation and production such as DAWs (Logic, Ableton, GarageBand, Cubase and such), external sound libraries, loopers, and other MIDI instruments.


RE.CORDER is an instrument with a compact, modern and elegant design.

It is light, ergonomic and complete with the functions of the corresponding traditional wind instrument. But when you activate its internal electronics, it expresses all the revolutionary potential.

Sound Versatility

RE.CORDER App allows you to play the 32 timbres in its sound bank, use different fingerings and create your own, transpose octaves, apply effects, and more. Furthermore, being a real MIDI controller, RE.CORDER is able to reproduce the timbre of any third-party sound library instrument: from trumpet to clarinet; from the French horn to a full violin quartet, as well as percussion instruments and synthesizers.


RE.CORDER is as small as a normal recorder, weighs only 120g, does not need long cables and you can play it with headphones (simply by connecting the headphones input to the device on which the app is installed). This way you can dedicate yourself to playing your music where and when you want without worrying about disturbing anyone!


RE.CORDER promotes inclusivity in that it can be played in special modes that allow it to be used by those with mild disabilities.
With the lip mode, it is possible to play by simply placing one’s lips on the instrument, without the emission of breath.
With the keyboard mode, it is possible to play the instrument by simply touching the keys, as one would with a keyboard.
With the magic wand instrument, the emission of sound is done by moving the instrument in space.
In addition, simplified fingerings can be created to facilitate subjects with special difficulties.

Educational Potential

RE.CORDER has extraordinary educational potential.
With the app created specifically for use in schools, the music teacher has the ability to create a full and inclusive orchestra of re.corders in his or her classroom by assigning a different sound and part to each student based on his or her inclinations and abilities.
At home, the student can continue practicing with re.corder either alone (with or without a score and/or backing tracks), or together with a partner via the DUO function, or with the virtual teacher pointing out their mistakes.

The right choice

RE.CORDER stands out as not only the pioneer digital wind instrument based on a recorder but also the most advanced and versatile option in its category available today.

Its app-based technology allows for continuous feature updates, offering users an ever-evolving, highly customizable, and inclusive instrument.

In comparison to other professional Electronic Wind Instruments (EWIs), ARTinoise re.corder provides an accessible alternative in terms of cost and learning curve.

An ideal choice for those looking to start with a straightforward, highly portable, and relatively affordable digital wind instrument.

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What's new on re.corder

RE.CORDER IN JAPAN!12 September 2022 - Tokyo (JP)
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イタリア生まれのre.corder日本に上陸! 🇮🇹 🇯🇵

From today you can also buy re.corder in Japan!
Finally online the Japanese language version of the official website

Gear 4 Music UK
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Thanks to Gear4music is now possible to buy re.corder directly in the U.K.! "The re.corder Instruments re.corder is a hybrid woodwind instrument that provides incredible flexibility. While completely able to be used as a traditional soprano recorder, what separates the re.corder apart is its connectivity. Simply by inserting the included digital sensor, it becomes an advanced MIDI controller, sensing touch on the finger-holes, pressure from your breath, and tilt from the built-in accelerometer. This gives you full connectivity to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, to control just about anything!"
WMF 2022
WMF 2022 16-18 June 2022 - Rimini (Italy)
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ARTinoise, with its innovative re.corder, won 3rd prize at the WMF International Roadshow Event in Croatia!
The WMF International Roadshow Event in Croatia is part of a long series of international events dedicated to innovation. The realization of each international event is due to a strong collaboration with foreign partners. The event hosts a Startup Competition, where innovative startups have the opportunity to pitch in front of many investors and several leading players of the innovation sector.
NAMM SHOW 2022 3-5 June 2022 - Los Angeles (USA)
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This year, together with our distributor Proel, we participated in NAMM Show 2022 in Los Angeles. On stage we presented re.corder and the new App specifically designed for music education in schools, winning 'Best in Show' Top Companies to Watch. Thanks to Stef Haynes for demonstrating the potential of re.corder and to everyone who showed interest and came to see us. See you at the next show!
Acusmatiq Festival 2022
Acusmatiq Festival 2022 30-31 July 2022 - Ancona (Italy)
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We participated with two appointments at the 10th edition of Acusmatiq, an international festival of experimental electronic music held every year in the marvellous Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona. On Saturday 30th we presented re.corder and talked about "innovative techniques for musical performance within everyone's reach", while on Sunday 31st we discussed about re.corder as a "futuristic instrument/controller with an ancestral heritage". It was great to meet you all!
Midwest Clinic 2022
Midwest Clinic 202219-22 December 2022 - Chicago US
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We will be attending the 76th Midwest Clinic in Chicago from December 19-22, 2022 . An international conference for bands, orchestras and music which offers guests interested in music education an array of clinics and exhibits, as well as access to music and teaching icons. The conference will also focus on industry trends and future topics in business and music education. Come visit us at Booth 953 (Proel North America).
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Thanks to X5 Music you can now buy re.corder in Brazil!
"O Re.corder toma o formato de uma flauta tradicional e adiciona novas tecnologias com sons digitais e gravação para criar uma banda inteira a partir de um único instrumento"
We can't wait to hear the wonderful music that Brazilian users will be able to create with re.corder
Até breve e boa música! 🎶🎧✨ Read full article
"MUSIC FOR ALL" CONFERENCE01 March 2022 - Warsaw (Poland)
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We presented re.corder at the headquarters of the Italian Embassy in Warsaw, a conference entitled 'Music for All' organised by the Warsaw New Tech University Foundation and the Italian Embassy in Warsaw. The meeting was dedicated to the effects of Italian-Polish cooperation in the field of the application of innovative devices for human development. This project promotes the idea of using music to overcome barriers between healthy and dysfunctional people and also intergenerational rapprochement.
WMF International Roadshow
WMF International Roadshow31 March 2022 - Zagreb (Croatia)
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Thanks to re.corder ARTinoise was one of 36 Italian and international start-ups selected out of 1000 candidates at WMF2022, a large international festival entirely dedicated to digital innovation, held in Rimini, Italy, from 16 to 18 June 2022. On the Montessori stage we presented our re.corder and the new App developed for schools, gaining great interest from visitors. It was a truly exciting experience!
Evenstad Musikk NO
Evenstad Musikk NONEW RETAILER!
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Thanks to Evenstad Musikk you can now buy re.corder in Norway!
Order the coolest modern age recorder now!
Start den nye musikken! 🎶🎧✨
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