Ready to turn your classroom into an orchestra? is a revolutionary app that empowers teachers to transform their music classes into a fun and interactive experience with the help of digital technology. 

All teachers who dream of enhancing their teaching methodology and giving their students the best music education possible, need to look no further than

With, teachers can connect and control up to 14 re.corders with an Apple M1-powered iPad, giving them access to an endless world of possibilities, with a wide range of instrumental sounds and multi-part scores. 

Teachers can assign different instrumental parts to each student, creating an orchestra right in their own classroom! 

Teachers can watch their students play in real-time and use alternate play modes to make their classes inclusive and engaging for students of all levels. 


Greetings teachers!

Transform your classroom into a fun and engaging musical experience for all students!

Level up your music lessons with!

"With, the possibilities are limitless and the results are truly inspiring"
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With teachers will be able to:

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