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"this is an incredibly portable musical instrument and has some really interesting teaching potential. A perfect option for teachers and their classes of students. Also, in the teacher-specific app, you can "check" multiple flutes together and see who is getting the playing wrong."..." a good alternative for independent learning as well because it teaches how to read a score and provides hands-on feedback on how well you are playing."
"re.corder is at once a studio recorder, a midi controller and and instrument that is revolutionary in its expressive capabilities. Grant us the use of the term "revolutionary" because after understanding the full potential of this device, it is the least one can write to talk about it." .." Artinoise has worked so much on re.corder to make it a musical instrument that can be used by virtually everyone. In fact, technology not only expands the potential of the recorder but also makes it possible for people with disabilities to study or even simply enjoy it."
“An instrument that offers an infinite range of innovative approaches to music and that makes it easy and encouraging to learn to play “..” In an age in which young people spend long hours during the day in front of various digital devices and, often lose themselves in content of dubious value while navigating the web, the re.corder - innovative, digital and shiny - could be the right tool to reach them and make musical culture one of their passions.”
“The re.corder is a hybrid acoustic/electronic instrument that’s designed to be an affordable starter instrument (..) While Artinoise positions the re.corder as a great learning instrument, it’s probably more interesting to Synthtopia readers as an affordable electronic wind instrument. The re.corder includes a high performance pressure sensing device that can measure the strength of your blow and transform this information into an expression parameter.”
"re.corder is a concentrate of technologies. The intelligence at the heart of the instrument detects the position of the fingers on the holes, the force and dynamics of the breath, along with the position itself in space. This information is transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile device that hosts the re.corder (or any other midi-compatible) app for use alone or with others."
“this has to be a new standard in affordable expressive controllers. Short only of using your own voice, there isn’t another way to get something this portable and this expressive and this affordable. In addition to the acoustic capabilities, you get touch sensors, custom fingerings, 3D accelerometer sensing for added expression, and Bluetooth LE wireless communication with the app (or your computer or other gear). Plus, as period recorder players can tell you (while their gamba playing friends struggle up the stairs), the whole thing is eminently portable!”

musicians and YouTubers who have TESTED re.corder

“I like the look and feel of the re.corder by ARTinoise, it’s stylish and it looks professional enough for me that I think I will use it in my future performances. The price is really ok for such a versatile instrument, the app has so many settings you can fiddle around with and the 3 modes for playing sounds give you so many new possibilities of expressing yourself, which I really like”
“I am a flutist and a music tech enthusiast (..) I absolutely LOVE when a new kind of instrument that has something special comes out! I was so excited when I was one of the first ones to get my hands on one of these. A recorder that you can play normally, learn & play it with an app or use it as a midi device (..) I’m really impressed!”
“The re.corder by ARTinoise is an acoustic recorder AND digital instrument in one, that comes complete with an app for learning and jamming! I got to unbox test out its features such as playalong games, different instrument sounds, and FX. I love the way it looks and feels, the app also looks very nice an professional, there’s a lot of potential and creative ideas there”


"I work at a university, where everyone has to wear a mask indoors. This morning I downloaded a PDF of songs for my future recordings and really wanted to listen to some of them before work started. All I had to do was activate the lip sensor to play with the mask on and listen to my re.corder through my phone headphones without disturbing the people around me. It made me so happy! I am playing a lot more music than I used to because I no longer have to worry about people hearing me. It has changed my life!"
"This is a thank you to everyone here who has given me advice on using re.corder with Win10. Thanks to you I now have a recording studio that is more than adequate for my needs, an entire symphony orchestra at my fingertips via re.corder and all this has not cost me a penny. Moreover, having found the courage to try out the customised fingerings of the re.corder, I now have a recorder that plays three full octaves, with high octave fingerings that I can easily remember. It was a great weekend!"
"I am now using the re.corder with MuseScore. I have developed my technique from scratch to playing a lot. I am very satisfied with the re.corder and use it every day even when I travel in silent areas."
"OMG!!! I love this re.corder!!! I still have some trouble understanding the app properly, but I really like the sounds! It makes even my beginner attempts sound good!!!

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