Max 4 Live Devices Series for re.corder

We are excited to share that our YouTube channel has added four exclusive Max 4 Live Devices tutorials to the new Advanced Tutorials Playlist. Developed by Lorenzo Giuliani, known as Fluidizm, these tutorials are tailored for advanced users seeking to enhance their re.corder experience.

🔍 Overview of Devices:

  1. [BEND]
    • [It allows to use the rotation sensor of the re.corder to apply a MIDI pitch bend to the sound od the instrument]
    • [it allows to transpose up or down a semitone by pressing the ‘triangle’ or ‘square’ button on the re.corder]
    • [set up a MIDI track to be used to send commands to switch between the Breath, Lip Sensor or Keyboard modes]
  4. [MAPPER]
    • [With the MAPPER device, each accelerometer output is ready to be set to up to three different parameters with customizable response]

🎓 About the Advanced Tutorials Playlist: The Advanced Tutorials Playlist is curated for seasoned re.corder enthusiasts looking to delve deeper into the intricacies of the instrument. This playlist offers comprehensive tutorials, featuring advanced techniques, tips, and insights to empower users in harnessing the full potential of their re.corder.

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🔗 [Advanced Tutorials Playlist]

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