How should I clean my re.corder?

The re.corder is an electronic musical instrument, so it isn’t very water-friendly! Whether it be from rain, moisture or your favorite drink being spilled, any contact with warter shpuld be avoided!

Even if the re.corder insides are watertight, moisture or saliva coming from your breath after longer performances can accumulate and start to escape from the bottom hole or on your fingers. This can cause some issues with the sensor being able to correctly catch on your fingerings. If you feel your fingertips a little wet while playing, please take a moment to carefully dry the inside with the included cleaning rod a thin cloth.
! Do not use paper tissues as they may tear up when soaked and get stuck inside.
! Do not press too hard and too fast because you may break the internal electronics.
We do not recommend shaking the re.corder hard to get the water out, as it may cover the pressure sensor in the windway entrance or wet other note hole sensors, causing malfunctions (for a brief moment, or until all the moisture dries out).

NOTE: All maintenance operations should be performed when the re.corder is turned OFF.